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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Knitted Farmyard, a labour of love

 I bought a book called "The Knitted Farmyard" when my first baby was born with the aim of making it for his 1st birthday and it’s only taken me 5 years to get around to making it! I need a deadline so I ended up making it for 2nd baby's 2nd birthday but it’s really for the whole family, including me! I’m not sure who loves playing with it most. 

I added a needlefelted hill with fox den and rabbit hole. The bridge is crochet for extra sturdiness. I also added a tree which i felt was too big so I cut it down and crochet the wood grains as a tree stump. I did this to the end of the tree that I cut down too because sadly my boys do love pretending to cut down trees! 

I was a great project to work on with friends and family too, my son and his friends all wanted to help and now we all miss making it. We may have to start on a beach scene next to give the farmers a well earned holiday.

If you're planning to make your own, my advice would be to use beautiful yarns because it’s a real labour of love. I found bags of wool tapestry yarns at carboot sales and then just spent a little on some beautiful quality malabrigo yarns which really made it come to life. 
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