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Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I'm still mourning not purchasing these beautiful antique silk threads that I discovered at an emporium of delights in the surprisingly fascinating Hastings old town.

On a stroll through the town at night I discovered these threads shimmering in the dark shop window. The shop keeper had cleverly hidden the price so we had to make a special trip the next day just to find out that they were disappointingly out of my price range, if such a thing could be said of such a priceless object! But try convincing a man of this! Yes, they are over £50 but they are also under £70! And I've just done the maths and worked out that they are less than 2 pounds per silk bobbin. What have I done?!

These threads in the most pleasing arrangement of colours come in a beautiful customised bee hive frame, you know, the frame the bees construct their honey comb on. The original owner has made an ingenious thread dispensing device out of an old bee frame. Oh how I would love to embroider with these threads...

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