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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Weekly sourdough

I just wanted to share this recipe for Sourdough bread that has got me on a weekly regime that supplies us with more than our fair share of wholesome bread for the week. It was kindly passed on to me by Lina who was given it by Cecile. Now all you need is a Sourdough starter, make one yourself or ask around. You may be surprised by how many people have a starter or know of one that you could have a spoonful of. I hear our lovely bakery down the road called the E5 Bakehouse in London Fields has a new sourdough starter that is over 100 years old and from Iceland. My Grandpa's father was a sailor from Iceland who jumped ship and ended up in Australia. Since we are emigrating to Australia this year as a family and my Grandpa turns 100 later this year, I secretly harbour hopes of getting me some of this infamous starter and baking bread in Australia for the special centenary celebrations. It was be a nice story wouldn't it? Well anyway, here is the recipe, click on the images to view in full and then print. Follow the directions to the letter and you'll have two lovely big loaves. I freeze one for later in the week unless the first loaf doesn't make it past baking day! But remember, resist cutting into the loaf until it has properly cooled down or you will destroy the crumb! (whatever that means)

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