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Friday, 8 July 2011

Darned hemp grain sack

Last weekend was our monthly carboot hunt in Chiswick, and I found this beautiful antique hemp grain sack for a steal. It's French and has been darned and mended so many times that it is starting to resemble a patchwork or the the Japanese boro textiles that I drool over at Sri Threads. It's pieces like these that you just want to frame, it is so exquisite. 

By the way, I have been loving listening to these incredible postcasts by Maiwa called Voices on Cloth. I'm day dreaming whilst sewing up a storm for my market stall in the school yard at Broadway Market tomorrow.


  1. I love seeing the care represented by those various hands who monogrammed and then later mended to keep a favorite object in use.

  2. waving from your workx my art blog is

  3. Breathtaking piece. It begs to be kept untouched and loved for what it is. I look forward to reading back through your blog. I love fleamarkets and wish we had them here in New Zealand. Happy living. (PS> Came here via Found Stitched and Dyed at Indi's persuasion). x

  4. Thanks for all your comments, love your blogs! look forward to keeping up with what you all do! Ahipara Girl, loved your hand stitch post, also went there via India! brenna


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