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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Eco-printing linen with copper coins

I tried my hand at a bit of dyeing/eco-printing inspired by India Flint's bundle technique where you tightly wrap found plant matter or objects in fabric and soak/heat to transfer the colour on to the fabric (a slightly simplistic description I'm afraid!) My first attempt was using a jar of copper coins that I had to hand in an attempt to create a more regular design on some pieces of an old linen sheet that I had left over from another project. Here are the results which I pieced together to make into a top to wear because I was quite in love with the fabric.

From everything I've heard, I think I must get Second Skin.


  1. those are gorgeous prints!
    I got "second skin" today and just the design, photography, colours... only that makes the book worth buying!

  2. yes you must get Second Skin it is amazing. Love what l am seeing here. you look as hooked as l am! lyndaxx

  3. Wow! This looks fabulous. You really have done a great job here. Love the top you made too :) Kx

  4. thank you for stopping by my blog and I have now found your wonderful blog.. I follow India Flint's blog as well and love her bundles and dye works. What a great idea to use coins.. I love circles too and I think your top looks terrific.


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